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Featured Artist - Issue 3

Updated: Apr 11

Hi, I am Vanessa the owner and lead photographer of VB Photography based in Jacksonville, Florida.

I specialize in empowerment and boudoir photography, with one goal in mind; to change lives and perspectives! It was nearly a decade ago that I shot my first boudoir session and since then I enthusiastically recommended these sessions to every woman, in every stage of life! Boudoir photography is not only my passion, its a duty! My husband and I have labeled my boudoir services as "Life coaching in lingerie". Boudoir is the most gratifying service that I offer!

Whether your session is in the studio or taking advantage of Florida's gorgeous landscapes, I have you covered! My quirky sense of humor will have you laughing so much that time will fly by. In a world that is too often judgmental and cruel, its hard to step outside of our own insecurities. Having a session and really seeing yourself through a professionals eyes can completely realign your perspective! Seeing yourself as beautiful and releasing your inner Goddess - That's why I do what I do! Knowing that I helped in that process, is why I truly love my career :)


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